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Can I perform Umrah with borrow?

7 Aug

Can I perform Umrah with borrow?

Umrah, a non-obligatory worship in Islam, is a great Sunnah of our Holy Prophet SAWW. Though not mandatory to perform yet Umrah brings several blessings and benedictions. Like Hajj, the enaction of this deed purifies you eternally and cleanses the impure soul of a Muslim. Must undertake this holy action whenever you get such a great chance to be the guest of house of Allah SWT. Giving several lesson, this sacre jaunt can be made at any time of the year unlike Hajj which can be performed merely in the last month of lunar calendar. But the question is Can I perform Umrah with borrow?

Umrah is like Hajj so it’s called as a ‘lesser or short pilgrimage’. Rituals of Umrah Package including flights are as the same of as of Hajj but Hajj comprises more rituals than that of Umrah. Visiting the Holy Kabah is an utmost desire of every Muslim. If a Muslim haven’t gotten a chance to perform Hajj, an alter is still available to him and he can visit the house of Allah Almighty by performing the lesser pilgrimage.

What a beautiful worship Hajj and Umrah are! Every Muslim urges to perform this worship but you are being tested in this world by your Lord and it’s a part of Muslims’ faith to stay hopeful and thankful to the Creator. In every situation regardless how enigmatic it is. So, if you are being tested in financial matters and are not able to perform this beautiful worship. Then just wait and seek His help instead of making this holy trip with borrow. Some Muslims offer Umrah or Hajj with borrow which is not permissible in Islam. It’s not allowed in Islam to perform this worship be getting under someone’s debt.

Allah Almighty forbids to be someone’ debtor until and unless you would be at the edge and from where you don’t have any hope to be helped by someone. Though taking debt is not Haram in Islam yet Allah SWT did lay emphasis on debt and its condition. Islam warns Muslims to dodge taking loans as much as possible since it’s an obstacle between a Muslim and paradise. A Muslim would not enter the heaven if his debt is not paid off. So, the significance of borrow and it’s paying off is clearly depicted through such warnings. Holy Prophet SAWW said:

“By the one in whose hand is my soul, if a man were slayed in battle for the sake of Allah SWT, then brought back to life, then killed and brought back to life gain. Then slayed, and he owed a debt, he would not enter Paradise until his debt was paid off.”

At another place, the Messenger of Allah said:

“The soul of the believer is held detainee by his debt in his grave until it is paid off”

Being a Muslim, it’s our belief that we are just guests in this temporary world. One day we all have to die when it’s the time of one’s death one can’t seek time to make corrections in his life. And sort out all the matters before leaving this world. We must be prepar to embrace death every time. When all the aspects are crystal clear then how a Muslim thinks of performing Umrah with borrow. Performing umrah in such a condition is utterly impermissible. Allah Almighty is Supreme and knows the intentions of His men. He SWT doesn’t compel Muslims to perform Umrah and Hajj at every cost since He doesn’t need our servings. He loves those either who stay patient and accept what He gives to them.

Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam holding great significance in Islam. Even worship like Hajj that’s mandatory in Islam shouldn’t be performed with borrowed money then how can be Umrah which is not even obligatory to perform. Hajj is only a compulsion for those who are capable to perform this and are well physically, mentally and financially. If one is not so well financially and can’t withstand the expenses of Umrah then he mustn’t go for an alter in the form of borrow. Rather, he should stay patient and just seek Allah’s help to fulfill all your desires.

One thing which needs clearance here is that you cannot perform Umrah with borrowed money. But an amount gifted to you for the performance of Umrah can be used for this purpose. It often arises question in many people’s mind that can Umrah be performed with gifted money? So, the answer i Yes! Muslims can undertake this holy action with gifted money since Allah Almighty doesn’t forbid accepting someone’s gift. Gifts are the source to develop love between your brothers and sisters so now it’s clear that you can perform Umrah with that amount.

If you are wholly spirite to enact this beautiful action, then look around you and find any substitute to fulfill your urge. The amount you are using on some other matter or going to invest. Somewhere else can be use to perform Umrah first. And by doing so, it’s a great virtue that you prefer to praise Almighty over your worldly needs and affairs. It was a great deed to first please your Lord and then comes to your worldly desire since we are truly sent in this world to praise Him. Embrace happily what Allah SWT gives you or just stay patient as. He is very Merciful and will certainly reward you in best means both here and hereafter.


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