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History of Quba Mosque in Medina

7 Aug

History of Quba Mosque in Medina

According to the ancient Islamic records, Quba mosque was the very first mosque that was constructed during the time of Prophet Mohammed    in Medina Saudi Arabia. However, the controversy regarding whether this was the first mosque of Islam is still continued as other Islamic records and Hadiths also states that the first Islamic mosque was cited in Mecca and Jerusalem. The construction of Quba mosque was commenced when Rasul Allah  migrated from Mecca to Medina. He was compelled to migrate to Medina as the people of Mecca were planning the assassination of Rasul Allah . On arriving at Medina, Prophet Mohammed  sited the first stone of this mosque and the construction was accomplished by his companions. Prophet Mohammed  used to pray the short Namaaz often known as Qasr Namaaz in this mosque for a period of 14 days as he was waiting for the arrival of Amir al-Mumineen who stayed in Mecca to finish some of the essential tasks allotted by Rasul Allah .

The beliefs of Islamic scholars state that practising Wudu in the home and praying the two Nafl Ra’khas in this Masjid gives the reward of practising Umrah. The evidence of this fact is Prophet Mohammed  himself as he often visits this mosque every Saturday and prays two Ra’khas to seek the blessings of Allah and often recommended the people to do the same and receive the multiple rewards.

The Quba mosque was rebuilt by Abel-Wahed El-Wakil who was assigned the task of reconstruction of this mosque. Although he initially planned to encompass the previous structure, the mosque was knocked down completely and redesigned. There exist a total of six domes and four Minarets in the Quba mosque. The courtyard of the Masjid is labelled with white, red, and black-coloured marbles and a separate portion of the mosque is reserved for the women.


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