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Read This before Visiting Makkah during Umrah – Complete Travel Guide

7 Aug

Read This before Visiting Makkah during Umrah – Complete Travel Guide

A city that is only accessed by Muslims, Makkah is the birthplace of Islam and the Last Messenger of Almighty. The city is the most prestigious for the Muslims living around the world not only because it is the Fortress of their religion but also because the city is home to the holy Kabah where Muslims from all across the world gather to perform Best Hajj and Umrah Packages .

Visiting Makkah is a lifelong desire of every Muslim and the one who made his way to the city is considered the luckiest among others. Though the city is specifically related to the Pilgrimage, there are also many places and things to do in Makkah that can be done in a tour to the holy city. Reading this article before your tour to the Makkah City can make your excursion a far better and congenial.

Accommodation in Makkah

First comes first, whenever a person visits a foreign country or city, the very first problem he encounters is about his accommodation. As most of the people travel to Makkah for the performance of the pilgrimage, and choose a Hajj r Umrah package for the purpose, therefore the issue of their accommodation is sort out that way. However, if they are doing the pilgrimage on their own or are in Makkah to visit a relative or to tour the city then accommodation is the issue. Hotels pertaining to all 3, 4 and 5 Star categories are there in Makkah that can be chose as per accordance to requirement and budget. For the people who don’t have much budget, 3 Star hotels like Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil, Durrat Al Andulas and Areej Al Wafa can be made into their accommodation. To check-in in a moderate style hotel, 4 Star hotels like Conrad Makkah, Dar Al Eiman Ajyad, Le Meridian, Makkah Hilton Hotel and Ramada Ajyad can do best. 5 Star hotels are the most luxurious one and hotels like Pullman ZamZam Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Fairmont Clocktower, Hotel Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental and Hayatt Regency are best to choose as your accommodation in Makkah.

Travelling Around the City

Most of the people in the Makkah city travel around the Holy Kabah and uses shuttle buses however the travelers who are visiting Makkah either for business or tourism purpose can use multiple transportation options including taxi, bus and highway. Taxis are easy to find everywhere anytime. The travelers simple have to shout out for the taxi or by simple pointing by hand. Bargain the ride fare first before getting into the taxi so you cannot be charged with fare more than the usual. Shared taxis can also be used for travelling that cost even less than the normal taxi. Shared taxi is like a mini bus here the taxi will drop you off to a certain point along with other customers. Taking a bus from Jeddah to Makkah is a good option than riding a car because it is difficult to find parking in the city. Buses are frequently operated, are very clean, have air-conditioner facility and above all are cheap so taking a bus to move around the city is most wise decision. The highway from Jeddah to Makah is about 80 m long. As you may know that non-Muslims are not allowed in Makkah city so before reaching the boundary of Makkah, the highway announces that non-Muslims in the highway take the right exit. So, Muslims can continue their spree while the non-Muslims take the exit that is 27 km away from the holy mosque.

Best time to visit Makkah

Like the rest of the country, Makkah has high temperature almost all around the year. The weather is almost always very hot and very dry. The extreme temperature is seen during the month of June, July and August where temperature can be as high as 45 degrees Celsius. If you are looking for the best time to visit Makkah city then November to February is the time. The temperature is bearable and there are many activities that can be experienced during these months.

Best Attractions of Makkah

Before writing the best attractions in Makkah, I am not mentioning the Grand Mosque, Mina, Muzdalifah and Jamaraat as there is no doubt in these places glory and prestige. Moreover, these sites are visited by the holy purpose of Hajj and Economy 14 nights Umrah packages only so including them in attractions is does not seem to be appropriate.

  • The Cave of Hira: otherwise known as Al Nour Mountain (because a mysterious light on the mountain appears at night), Cave of Hira is the cave where Prophet Muhammad SAWW received his first revelation. The cave is of great religious importance for the Muslims and is often visited by the pilgrims to supplicate.
  • Bir Tuwa (Well of Tuwa): a valley among valleys of Makkah which was once rugged; Bir Tuwa is now crammed with buildings to restrict it to a well in Jarwal. The well is famous because Prophet Muhammad SAWW spent a night in this well. Muslims from all across the world come to Makkah to see this white well.
  • The Factory of Kiswah: the factory where the veil of the holy Kabah is prepared, the factory of Kiswah is a pure delight for eyes. The way the workers work is beyond beauty and dedication where religious attachment can clearly be seen.
  • Makkah Mall: one of the finest malls in the Saudi Kingdom, Makkah Mall is dedicated to create a dynamic shopping complex and dining area for the travelers. The mall offers a wide range of International and local brands with best eating place as well.



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