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Here are some of the best Hajj, Umrah & Holidays Tour tips to help you have an amazing Tours

A complete Hajj guide for the first time Hajj performer

Hajj has to be performed by every Muslim who has reached a certain age in which the certain acts ‘Ibadah’ become obligatory. Hajj is one of the significant acts of worship and it resembles Umrah but a bit different in rituals along with...

The significance of Zamzam well in Hajj

The Zamzam water often known as the sacred well of Abe Zamzam is located at a distance of 21 meters from Mecca near the Masjid al-Haram. Abezamazam is often consumed by a large number of Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca for the practice of...

History of Quba Mosque in Medina

According to the ancient Islamic records, Quba mosque was the very first mosque that was constructed during the time of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ   in Medina Saudi Arabia. However, the controversy regarding whether this was the first mosque of Islam is still continued as other Islamic...

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