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7 Aug

Importance of Tawaf, Ihram, Safa and Marwah and Talal-ul

The Importance of Tawaf, Ihram, Safa and Marwah during Hajj and Umrah. Both the holy rituals are almost alike since the basic premise behind both the rituals is to please the only Creator of the entire world. Hajj is mandatory and is the fifth pillar of Islam that would performed on the 8th of Zill-Hajj ending up at 12th of Zill-Hajj. On a flip Umrah is a non-mandatory holy action that can be performed all around the year at any time. The event of Hajj takes place at the end of the...

7 Aug

Read This before Visiting Makkah during Umrah – Complete Travel Guide

A city that is only accessed by Muslims, Makkah is the birthplace of Islam and the Last Messenger of Almighty. The city is the most prestigious for the Muslims living around the world not only because it is the Fortress of their religion but also because the city is home to the holy Kabah where Muslims from all across the world gather to perform Best Hajj and Umrah Packages . Visiting Makkah is a lifelong desire of every Muslim and the one who made his way to the city is considered the luckiest...

7 Aug

Can I perform Umrah with borrow?

Umrah, a non-obligatory worship in Islam, is a great Sunnah of our Holy Prophet SAWW. Though not mandatory to perform yet Umrah brings several blessings and benedictions. Like Hajj, the enaction of this deed purifies you eternally and cleanses the impure soul of a Muslim. Must undertake this holy action whenever you get such a great chance to be the guest of house of Allah SWT. Giving several lesson, this sacre jaunt can be made at any time of the year unlike Hajj which can be performed merely in the last...

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